Virginia West Central Area Aglow

Couples Aglow

Couples AglowCouples Aglow is a newly developing ministry within Aglow. Please read about it, below. If you are interested in forming a Couple's Aglow with your spouse, please contact the Appalachian Area Team to get started!

Couples Aglow can be a neighborhood group or a group that holds outreach meetings in a community. The chief difference in a Community/Neighborhood Lighthouse and a Couples Aglow is that a husband and wife share the duties of a position on the Lighthouse Team. For example, Sarah and her husband, Paul, have attended several Aglow conferences. Both feel called to open their home to other couples for a Bible study. Wanting to come under the covering of the Aglow ministry, Sarah and Paul contact the Area Team, become Covenant Partners and fill out all the necessary paperwork. Both will serve as President of the Lighthouse.

Couples Aglow has from one to five couples who serve on the Lighthouse Team. One couple serves as President and the remaining couples serve in Vice-President positions. If there are only two couples serving on the team, one of the couples is responsible to keep financial records. Until there are a minimum of two couples, funds are managed by the Area Team.
FAQ~Do men who serve in leadership go by the same guidelines as women? Yes
~Are male leaders required to attend leadership training? Yes
~Can Couples Aglow have female advisors? No, all advisors will be male
~Can single people attend meetings at a Couples Lighthouse? Yes
~Does the Couples Lighthouse need to present the mandates? Yes, each Lighthouse will present the vision of the ministry in practical ways in their community. The goal of each Lighthouse is always to bring salvation, wholeness, restoration, and a global awareness from a Biblical perspective to their community.